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Reverend Samuel Troyer, Pastor
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Pastor Sam Troyer started our summer Concert Series in 2010. This series has been very popular with our church family and many local residents. Everyone is welcome, bring friends and family. No admission charge, complementary cake and refreshments served after the concert.

Sketch at left from about 1960 is our church at 269 West Main Street, Apple Creek Ohio. This sketch was done from directly across State Route 250. Our church looks the same today from this angle, even though we have added a newer steeple to replace the original. This sketch doesn't show the large addition, Long Hall, added in1997 under the guidance of Rev. Ron Hardman. This addition was designed by lifetime member, Herbert Long. It's a large multi-purpose addition, used for meetings, dinners, gymnasium and concerts. A completed basement and kitchenette are beneath. Also in 1997 the churches three levels became totally handicap accessible. An elevator was added and an enlarged tri-level parking facility was completed.  

Below are two photos of our July 14th, 2013 Chestnut Ridge Bluegrass concert. These concerts are held in Long Hall (see paragraph above).  More concert photos will follow as we get photos. 

Chestnut Ridge Bluegrass above. (Photo by Richard Jacobs)

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I'm using my Bible for a road map.


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Above:  Pastor Sam and many guests enjoying Chestnut Ridge July 14th 2013
in Long Hall at Apple creek United Methodist Church.  (Photo by Richard Jacobs)

A different show each month during the summer months. Complementary refreshments after the show. These Sunday evening shows have proven to be popular with all local residents.

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